Monitoring and Water Treatment

  • The electronic nose and tongue can be connected to a water treatment system and will determine the energy used in relationto the water contamination level.
  • The electronic tongue’s extreme sensibility enables to monitor the organic load, inorganics, nitrates, heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides.
  • The artificial intelligence enables to give more conclusive information than the simple parameters reading.
Water treatment
According to the water contamination level our technology can determine the energy to be used according to the water contamination level. It can be connected to these treatment systems.
Our technology can separate the water according to the contamination level. This can result in significant pressure reduction in the filtering systems such as:


A programmable power source can be incorporated to enable it to manage different devices such as electrovalves, pumps, extractors or water treatment systems. These devices are able to optimize a treatment plant, ultimately reducing power consumption and labour force.