Electronic Nose and Tongue. Stationary or portable.


The equipment is made up of a capsule that contains all the different nose sensors, heaters and pumps (Inhalation-Exhalation). The electronic tongue is connected to the central processing system, while Senses Cube is installed on the computer, where the whole configuration for the different devices and the algorithm processing is made. The equipment is held by the structure containing the liquid sample collection mechanism, which takes the liquid to the test tubes.

Big Sensing will receive the information sent by Senses Cube, which will later analyze the history and deliver the respective projections.


ELECTRONIC NOSE (How it works)

  • Electronic Nose absorbs the volatile components from the surroundings and sends them to a capsule, composed of a gas sensors matrix that detects different chemical components.
  • Nose sensors interpret information thus providing a unique curve, the analyzed substance fingerprint.
  • The signs are then analyzed by the Senses Cube 1.0 program, using our algorithm ARC (contextual reference algorithm) that is able to classify and train the system.


  • In accordance to an electrochemical principle, the electronic tongue generates electrical pulses per each electrode that simulates every taste bud, pulses are originate inside the liquid being analyzed.
  • The signs produced later are received and represent the analyzed substance fingerprint.
  • The signs are then analyzed by the Senses Cube 1.0 program, Using our artificial intelligence algorithm ARC (contextual reference algorithm) which is able to classify and train the system.

ADVANTAGES (In patenting process) 

  • The sign’s controlled excitation produced by the pumps (Inhalation-exhalation) allows the algorithm to do the job with greater accuracy.
  • Temperature stabilization inside the capsule is achieved with sophisticated internal heaters. This avoids errors in capturing sensors’ data due to sudden temperature and humidity changes. With rough climates, this technology is incredibly valuable and beneficial.
  • It send alerts Generation through SMS messages to interested personnel.
  • It allow programmable energy source can be incorporated to manage different devices such as electrovalves, pumps, extractors or water treatment plants. (INTELLIGENT WATER TREATMENT)
  • Allows you to install specific sensors for liquids and gases generating greater information at the algorithm’s measure and precision.
  • Simple sensors change.

Detection & Identification

Of liquid or gaseous materials/substances, through the electronic tongue and nose


Is a data analysis system located on the cloud that contains artificial intelligence tools, and software programming, that stores information and produces historical patterns from studied substances and data, either by the electronic Nose-tongue or by any other way that the client may add.


A Software which through its algorithm ARC enables to learn and clasify, capture various signal patterns (fingerprint), from any type of gas, vapor and liquids through information given by the sensors and electrodes, which constitute the electronic Nose and Tongue.